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To what breed category does your dog belong?

Do you own any other dogs?

Does your dog play with other dogs including your own?

Where does your dog sleep?

Does your dog jump onto the furniture sofa, chairs, etc?

Does your dog become over excited in the company of other dogs?

Has your dog ever attacked or been attacked by another dog while out with you?

Do you play tug ‘o’war or wrestling games with your dog?

How often do you take your dog for a strenuous walk?

Does your dog pull on the lead?

Does your dog chase rabbits, birds, squirrels, cats, other dogs etc?

Does your dog come back to you when called?

Does your dog jump up at you or anyone else?

Does your dog ever display symptoms of nervousness or fear?

How do you deal with your dog when he is nervous or uncertain?

Does your dog mouth you or anyone else?

Will your dog lie down on command and stay until you give permission to get up?

How often do you practice training exercises with your dog?

Can you take food away from your dog without him/her growling?

Will your dog ignore other dogs if you tell him/her?

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If you are unhappy with your Leadership skills help is on hand. Click this link to go directly to our brand new Pack Leader DVD where I can show you how to become your dog’s natural Leader or join one of my Training Classes at this link: