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 Dog Training DVD's


Pack Leader - Leadership Training DVD  
Improve your dog's behaviour.
Learn how to improve your dog's behaviour
immediately with natural leadership skills - read more



Puppy Love - Puppy Dog Training DVD  
The essential Doís and Doníts of rearing a puppy.

This DVD will save you months confusion. Get started right and avoid the pitfalls of all new puppy owners.
 - read more



Come When Called - Dog Training DVD  
Train your dog to come when called.

Vic demonstrates how to teach your dog to come to you on command. - read more



Pulling On The Lead - Dog Training DVD  

Train your dog to stop pulling on the lead.

Your dog will stop pulling and walk nicely to heel within minutes using Vic's training techniques.- read more



Special Offer - All 4 DVD's - The Complete Training Course for £60

Many owners contacting me for training advice live too far away to attend class or have commitments that make it impossible.

I post a lot of training articles on my Training Archive page but sometimes it just isn't enough. Owners often need to see how to apply it.

To facilitate this I am offering four DVD's that cover most major problems dog owners face during training at one price of £60 for the complete set.

Here you will see me working with a large selection of different dogs from little puppies to fully grown Rottweilers.

Your dog's behaviour is based on two major elements: Training and Relationship (with you).

You will learn all the basic skills needed to train or retrain your dog INCLUDING how to be a LEADER.

So if circumstances prevent you attending class you will always have help at hand.

Here's a little taster:



Choosing & Training A Rescue Dog - Training DVD  
Choosing & Training A Rescue Dog.

get it right and you have a friend for life. - read more