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Taster Classes For Dog Owners 

Choosing a training class for your dog is like visiting a new restaurant …you don’t really know how good it is until after you’ve been.

Some training classes may be a perfect fit others just won’t match your expectations so how do you choose what’s right for you and your dog?

Just like top restaurants, the best trainers specialise. I am on a lifetime mission to improve the relationship between owners and their dogs. I know from long experience the problems pet owners face with varied advice and a multitude of conflicting opinions. So I plan to make it an easier choice.

If you are training for agility, flyball, tracking or field trials my class is not the one for you.

If, however your aim is to have a calm, obedient companion dog this is DEFINITELY where you should be.

Refusing to come when called, dog-on-dog aggression, nervousness and pulling on the lead are all problems I deal with on a daily basis. Working with over 50 family dogs each week I understand the problems and I NEVER give up on a dog no matter what.

Choosing a class is a big step. Get it right and you have the ideal family dog…get it wrong and your dog may develop new problems.

"To get you started I have a three-week introductory One Hour class that will help you decide. Together we will cover all the fundamentals and look at any particular issues your dog may have.

"The cost is £30 which you can pay below with a credit/debit card or by cheque on enrolment. These classes run for three CONSECUTIVE weeks and we cannot accept any cancellations after the first session."

It will give you a ‘feel’ for how my training class operates and help you understand why your dog behaves as he/she does. You will learn how your relationship shapes that behaviour.

If you are happy with the result you may then join one of my regular weekly classes.

The choice is yours.

The cost is £30 which you can pay below with a credit/debit card or by cheque on enrolment.

You can attend either of our two venues (Wilmslow-Sunday am or Congleton- Saturday-am). Please remember to indicate in the Message section the name age and breed of your dog and which class you wish to join.

Please note we do not refund payments for training classes after the course has commenced.
You are paying in full for the duration of the course for your nominated dog. You may swap and change handlers but cannot substitute dogs.
Providing you give 14 days notice of absence we will add on to the end of your 8 week course any class you miss due to other engagements up to a maximum of two classes. For planning reasons we cannot do this for ad-hoc absences.
Your payment indicates your acceptance of the above terms.

Under Customer Message Please state:  Name, age , breed of your dog & whether you wish to join Wilmslow or Congleton Classes.

We look forward to working with you and your dog.