Puppy Dog

Training DVD

      by Vic Barlow






Puppy Dog Training DVD


Includes the following chapters :-


1. Introduction

2. House Training

3. Meeting & Greeting

4. Calm Control

5. Who's Training Who?

6. Behaviour around other Dogs

7. Exercise & Play

8. Recall (Come when called)

At K9 Companions we train 365 days a year. 
With Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver & Gold Award Classes plus specialist Behaviour Group groups we work with over 200 dogs of all varieties.

One of the most common questions owners ask is ‘When should I start training my puppy?’

Whether you realise it or not your puppy is learning from the moment he opens his eyes. He’s assimilating information that will shape his behaviour for the rest of his life.

He may not have the concentration power for formal obedience training but he is observing how the ‘pack’ functions.

Over the years we’ve discovered that most puppy owners make the same basic mistakes then spend months trying to rectify problems they’ve created. It’s frustrating and it isn’t fair to your dog.

We made this Puppy Love DVD specifically to help new owners avoid the pitfalls. We’ll show what you CAN do with a young puppy to help him settle into family (pack) life.



Puppy Love

Puppy Training Video




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