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 Make Yourself the Best Game in Town


There’s a lady in our village who knows absolutely nothing about training but has one of the best behaved pet dogs I’ve ever seen. She can walk Jake off lead through fields of livestock without a worry. Cyclists and hikers are no problem and other dogs simply don’t exist in the eyes of Jake.

Since he was a tiny pup Jake’s owner’s invented lots of exciting games to play: hiding food for Jake to find, throwing Frisbee’s, hide and seek, chasing balls and swimming to mention just a few.

I never worry if I’m out training with my dogs and Jake appears, he won’t even know we’re there. Jake’s far too busy watching for the next trick his owner pulls out of the hat. To Jake his owner is the best game in town and he doesn’t want to miss any of the fun.

Jake’s owner is never going to phone me and say ‘My dog won’t come when I call him.’ She can’t get rid of him.

She’s not going to tell me Jake’s difficult with other dogs: Jake doesn’t acknowledge they exist.

She’s not going to complain that Jake’s nervous of people: he never gives them a thought. 

Jake never runs off on his own, he has far too many great games to play with his owner. He’s certainly never encouraged to ‘play’ with other dogs. Why would he when his owner has so many tricks up her sleeve?

Jake sticks close to his owner. That’s where all the fun starts.