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Thank you so much for today.

Just been down the field with Meg nice and controlled on your lead, she sat in the field while I put rugs on and never moved.

I could cry with joy already.

Mega smilie face Claudia


Hi Vic,

Just wanted to thank you for your incredible session yesterday, and to let you know that I have just taken Ruby out for a 30 minute walk, she walked beautifully on the lead, and although resistant to sitting, I kept persevering! We even crossed the road as the dog she had tried to attack previously crossed opposite us, (What a coincidence!) Ruby was already sitting and didn't move a muscle!

Roads where she would usually have strained very much at the lead, she just trotted along nicely!
I don't think she even barked once after you left yesterday, even with Maya and her friends coming and going.

I know it's not a miracle cure and we have a lot of work to do, but it feels like we've taken a huge leap!

So thank you!

Looking forward to becoming even better owners on Sunday!


Hi Vic,

Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank-you for time and help last Monday with our bulldog Alfie. The difference has been amazing.

He is walking much better than he ever has and we are walking with him for 45mins to an hour in morning and 30-45mins in afternoon. We make him walk either beside us or slightly behind us, and he has soon learnt this and walks great with a loose lead.

We are much firmer on him now and are very clear with him what behaviour will not be tolerated.

We are still having the odd grumble but find that with quick correction with confidence stops this dead.

We have also been making an effort to touch Alfie's head and ears and people have already commented on him being more accepting of this.

Meeting you was like a breath of fresh air; we were really very worried about the situation and needed the confidence to start to sort it out, which you provided (thank-you!).

We realise that we have to keep it up and this is just the beginning but by treating Alfie as a dog rather than a human in furry coat we are beginning to see how much happier and relaxed he can be.

All the best,
Dan + Han

Hiya Vic

I hope you remember me and my German Shepherd Cara. I did two sessions with you and am I writing to thank you for all your advice and help for me. Her lead work is now really good and we have a lovely relationship, she certainly knows that I am now the BOSS !! thanks to your advice and guidance

She is not allowed on the furniture, she is not allowed in my bedroom, she no longer jumps up at me at the front door when I come in and we "play" a lot together. My relationship with her is much better and I do not treat her like my child/baby she is my dog and she has to do as she is told.
I went along a very long road with her, and at one stage really thought I couldn't do it, but feel I came through the tunnel and now I am very proud when out with her.