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If you are reading this the chances are you have a new puppy, or an older dog with issues. You may be delighted with your dog and simply want to join a training class or desperately seeking advice for a behaviour problem. In any event you and your dog are most welcome.

Regular readers of my newspaper column know I am on a lifetime mission to improve the relationship between owners and their dogs.

It's far easier to avoid problems than to solve them so a good training class is essential for a well balanced dog. Don't sign up for the first one you hear about or the one nearest home. Look around, check what's available, consult other owners then trust your judgement.

We keep our classes relatively small so we can address individual behaviour problems. Older dogs often come to us having had little or no education. These dogs are under my direct supervision.

There is no such thing as a bad dog only a poorly educated one. I have yet to meet any dog regardless of age, size or breed that did not respond to leadership and training.

Our methods are based entirely on natural pack mentality and the knowledge gained from training hundreds of dogs every year. Dogs are great teachers, every difficult case teaches us something new and we adapt and change our methods accordingly. Dog training is not a science. It' a never-ending journey of discovery.

For dogs with serious issues we are often their last chance. These dogs are under my direct supervision.


We never turn any dog away. There is no dog that is too unruly, too noisy, too reactive to other dogs. Some just take more time than others to resolve their problems.

We will never give up on you nor your dog..


Many of these troubled dogs go on to be model citizens. It's not magic. It's experience, communication and Leadership and a healthy respect for Mother Nature.

If you want more information about our classes please follow this link Training Classes

If you need help with behaviour issues click here Behaviour Problems


Walking The Pack

Another winning day for my dog Little Tally (the yellow one).

Me with my American buddy Angus.

Swimming lessons for all at the Master Class

The first day of training for this little chap.