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 Canine Education


No responsible parent would deprive their child of education yet thousands of well-meaning owners do exactly that to their dogs.

They indulge and spoil them whilst failing to impart any meaningful knowledge. When adult dogs jump on visitors, drag their handlers down the road and lunge at other dogs it has nothing to do with the dogís personality; itís lack of education.

Iíve seen hundreds of wild Ďuncontrollableí dogs turn into wonderful companions once they know whatís required. No one expects an uneducated child to behave correctly so why would a dog?

Most of the unfortunate canines languishing in rescue centres are not there because of neglect they are there because they are difficult to handle and the reason for that isÖ Yes, youíve guessed: no education. 

Your dog canít educate himself. Thatís your job as an owner just as it is with a son or daughter. Ignorant children do not receive invites to parties and ignorant dogs are not welcome anywhere.

Good parents bring up their children to be well mannered and respectful and you must do likewise if you want a happy, balanced dog. No sensible parent would tolerate unruly or aggressive behaviour from a child so why accept it from your dog but yelling is NOT the answer? You must communicate calmly and consistently.

Unmanageable dogs are impossible to rehome so by neglecting his education you are condemning your dog to life in a shelter should you find his behaviour too much to handle.

Regardless of age, dogs are always ready to learn. 

Are you?