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 Do Not Rush into Acquiring a Dog


Acquiring a puppy or a rescue dog when you or your family are having problems is a temptation you should resist. While you may regard boundless affection as a sign of security your new puppy will not.

To your dog an over-emotional state is a sign of weakness and will force her to take control of the ‘pack’ and as you and your family constitute a ‘pack’ it won’t be long before she’s calling the shots.

That’s the way inappropriate behaviour develops including territorial aggression, far better to wait for your emotions to stabilise before you adopt a dog. You can then set out some rules and boundaries giving your dog the disciplined leadership she craves. Remember a dog without a leader is a dog under stress.

Of course it’s comforting to have a dog around when you are suffering but it isn’t reassuring to the dog especially to a newcomer who will be looking for a well-ordered pack and a strong leader.

Later on when house-rules are well established and your dog knows her place you can lean on her for comfort during a time of need but you must she must have an older dog with a strong understanding of the pack order. Young pups and newcomers are too unstable to fulfil that role. 

If you are mourning the passing of a faithful old dog don’t rush out and acquire a replacement right away. Wait until your emotions subside then give your new dog the security of a strong leader.