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 Doggie Toys


We are currently inundated with offers to sell some of the most stupid dog accessories ever the latest being a Father Christmas outfit. Yeah right.   
There is no doubt this is where the canine market is heading and where big money will be made. The sillier the idea the more it will sell. 

Pet owners are only too willing to spend money on their confused dogs but less eager to invest some serious training time or stick to a disciplined approach.   
The biggest and most successful boarding kennel in the country offers portable TV's in all 'suites' along with beauty treatments and aqua therapy. Cost: £30 per day. How confusing must that nonsense be to a dog?   

A fraction of that money spent on training and correct feeding would show amazing results.   

Have fun, enjoy your dog but PLEASE make sure your visitors respect him/her as a DOG and not ruin your training by treating your dog as a human being. He won't appreciate it and neither will you when his behaviour deteriorates.   
If your visitors won’t comply put your dog away. (Better still lock your visitors away and go out training!)