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 Don't Compare Your New Pup with an Old Dog


I’m always amazed how people compare their new puppy with a dog they owned years ago. Often lamenting the perfect dog they once had and fretting over the disobedient, hyperactive pup they now own.

Often, the dog they lost was 12 years old and never had a rebellious moment in its entire life. It was quiet, calm loving, loyal and always came when called. There were fairies living at the bottom of the garden, a goose that laid golden eggs and all the streets were paved with gold.

Actually, there wasn’t but nostalgia can play all sorts of tricks on us. We didn’t own a ‘perfect’ dog either but that’s the way it seems compared to the bundle of fur currently flying around the lounge.

That old dog was once a rebellious little puppy too but it’s so long ago we’ve forgotten. We only remember him tagging along faithfully at our side or sitting by the fire as we watched TV. It’s our selective memory at work and it can be very damaging to our relationship with our new puppy.

Your new dog is not better or worse than your old dog, he’s just different but with training, consistency and sound leadership he’ll be a loving and loyal companion for years to come.