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 Family Life


We've had a number of problems in class recently with handlers whose dogs are not making the progress in training that they should despite the conscientious efforts of their owners. 
In every case it has been due to other things that are happening in the dog’s life; Kids screaming and winding the dog up, husbands wrestling and playing rough games, in-laws allowing the dog to run off and 'play.' 
If you are not getting the results your training merits then take a close look at what's going on in your dog's life. It's very unfair to correct a dog for something other members of the family are encouraging. If you allow this you will get inappropriate behaviour from your dog. It's NOT his fault. 
Tug ‘o’ war and other rough games should never be encouraged in a pet dog. Contrary to popular opinion pack animals do not ‘play’ together they practise fighting. If you allow your dogs to jump on each other and play fight the results will become obvious and you will have a dog that goes ballistic in the company of other dogs. 

Teach your dog to ignore other dogs and you will have a relaxed well behaved companion.