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It’s not healthy for dogs to become over excited, it’s a mindset that leads to loss of control. Once they enter that wild state you have little chance of influencing their behaviour.

It’s always wise to stop over excitement before it really takes hold. Teaching your dog to lie down on command is the first step. Once she will go down every time you can begin to use ‘down’ to defuse situations. It’s very difficult for a dog to be out of control while she’s lying down. 

Once you have a reliable down command you can add ‘place’ whereupon your dog goes to a specific area and lies down. You can use a small mat to help your dog identify exactly which place you want her to go to.

Whenever someone rings the doorbell or walks down the drive and your dog starts barking at the door call ‘place’ and point towards her mat. It will take some practice but the result is well worth the effort.

Obsessional behaviour of any kind is not healthy, tail chasing, spinning and fixations all lead to stress and anxiety which can result in aggression so having a reliable down command is a must.

Once your dog thoroughly understands the command there must be no negotiation she must lie down every time otherwise it will become selective and she will lie down only when it suits her which is no good for defusing excitable situations.