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 House Training


Decide from Day One where your pup can go. Picture him as a fully-grown adult dog and decide what and where is appropriate. Romping on the bed might be fun with a cute little bundle of fur but will it be acceptable with a 60 lbs Labrador? If it isnít then donít allow our pup to do it now. He wonít understand when you suddenly change the rules. The best way to house train your pup is by confining his sleeping quarters to a small space (puppy cage). Contrary to popular opinion dogs are exceedingly clean creatures and try very hard not to soil there own sleeping quarters.†

Popping them inside a confined space to sleep then encouraging them onto a sheet of newspaper to relieve themselves is an excellent way to start house training. Once they have had their shots puppies can be encouraged outside to perform toilet duty. Immediately after sleeping or feeding is a good time to invite your pup to go to the toilet. Just like a baby your young puppy will not be able to go through the night without relieving himself so be prepared to get up and let him go to the loo. As he matures the necessity for this will disappear.