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 Hurricane Katrina


Whilst in the USA I learned about the hundreds of pet dogs left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

These abandoned dogs immediately formed into mixed breed packs but were not led by Pit Bulls, German Shepherds or any of the other powerful breeds but by guess what? Beagles and Hounds.

Each pack chose to be led by the dog most likely to take them to safety. How did the rest of the pack know? In the devastation that followed Hurricane Katrina scent hounds displayed the most confidence in their directional ability and pack animals will always follow a confident balanced leader.

You must exude that confidence if you want your dog to see you as his leader. No dog is going to follow a weak indecisive leader. Nature doesn’t allow it.

In the survival of the fittest, the weak do not count and strength to your dog is not size and muscle but wisdom and determination.

Show your dog you are firmly in charge and he’ll follow you forever.