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 In Balance With Nature


I saw a video recently on a goat herder in Ethiopia. The barefoot herdsman, dressed only in a toga, had no access to retractable leads, collars, harnesses and all the other ‘wonderful’ accessories available to pet owners in the ‘civilised’ world just a spear and a dog.

His dog walked one step behind following wherever he went. When the herdsman stopped the dog lay down. With a wave of his spear the dog shot off to shepherd a wandering kid back to the flock returning immediately to his owner’s side.

The following evening I watched President Bush on TV as his dog dragged him along the lawn of the White House

So why would a dog follow an uneducated, poverty stricken herdsmen but not the most powerful man on the planet? (Think about it.) 

Human beings are the only species on earth that will follow an unstable leader. 

How does your dog rate you?