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 Leaving Your Dog in the Care of Others


I once looked after a dog for an absent friend who phoned me every day to check on his pooch’s well being. Charlie was a big Golden Retriever surprisingly free of the attention seeking habits that often come with the breed.

While I was busy cleaning out the kennels Charlie reached through the bars and dragged a tea towel into his run. By the time I noticed he was swallowing the last corner of the towel. I flung him into the back of my truck and raced to the vet’s surgery dreading the daily call from his owner.

“How’s Charlie getting on, Vic? 
“Oh fine, he’s swallowing towels at the moment but don’t worry…I’ll have him on swords by next week.” 

When I finally summoned the courage to tell the truth his owner confided that ‘swallowing stuff’ was a lifelong habit of Charlie. Considering the glowing testimony he’d given me I was amazed this trait had been overlooked. 

If you are leaving your beloved pooch in the care of others do fill them in on whatever idiosyncrasies your dog may have. 

When it comes to nasty habits prevention is always better than cure