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 Maintaining Pack Order


If you have more than one dog each one will have a strict understanding of where he or she fits into the pack. Interfering with that pack order is a sure way to invite trouble.

Of course, itís tempting for caring owners to favour the under dog giving it more treats and pushing the more dominant dog away but itís a recipe for disaster. Providing there is no fighting owners should always support the pack order and allow the dominant dog to retain his position. In the canine world this is the natural way of life that all dogs understand.

Blue, my oldest and most experienced dog, will not allow any show of dominance or aggression in the kennels. He controls the pack, providing the other dogs are quiet and submissive we have no problems. Any new dog failing to meet Blueís standards will face a canine show down of snarling and barking but no more. Once the new dog conforms thatís the end of it.

Interfering with the pack order upsets the natural balance encouraging the under dog to challenge and the dominant dog to fight for his position.

Let me be clear: owners must never allow any physical fighting whatsoever and providing the dominant dog is not aggressive you should let nature take its course and not interfere.