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Most of the problem dogs we encounter live their lives entirely without leadership. These pets are loved to bits but love means something quite different to a dog than it does to a human being.

To a pack animal love means leadership. Your job as an owner is to provide that leadership so that your dog can relax in the knowledge his/her fears and anxieties are in the hands of a strong leader.

Most dogs do not want the pressure of leadership and are only too willing for you to take over PROVIDING you communicate in a language he/she understands.

As pack leader you should never allow your dog to sleep on your bed. Your sleeping area is strictly out of bounds. You must set clear and consistent rules and enforce them rigorously. This will let your dog know you are in charge of the pack. You must always walk in front and not allow your dog to drag you around but most importantly of all you must THINK like a leader and not allow your dog to run rings around you.

You’ll be amazed how much more contented and relaxed your dog will become once you demonstrate your leadership credentials.