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 No Laughing Matter


Dog’s have been observing us for centuries. They may not know (or care) how much we earn or what we have planned for Christmas but they can read us better than any human being.

They know that laughing and smiling equals approval so why do so many owners laugh at their dog’s bad behaviour?

A client called me in to deal with Max, her wayward spaniel. “He’s great in the house but once outside he just won’t listen,” she complained.
Max sat, lay down and stayed on command in the kitchen so off we went into the garden.

As soon as his owner asked him to stay Max shot off in the opposite direction but instead of a firm correction and returning him to the spot his owner giggled like a schoolgirl saying, “This is what he does.”

But it wasn’t what Max did that troubled me it was the actions of his owner. How did she expect Max to stay when she was encouraging his running away? His owner’s laughter meant that’s precisely what she wanted.

I placed Max on a line and asked him to stay. The moment he ran off I stood on the line, gave him my best guttural growl and took him back to the exact spot. After a few repetitions Max new what I wanted and was happy to oblige and I praised him QUIETLY. 

If you really don’t want your dog chewing your slippers, jumping up or ignoring you stop laughing and show him what you do want.
He’s not clairvoyant.