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 Not Just For Christmas


There will, no doubt, be many families planning to adopt a puppy this Christmas and whatever the breed you can be sure it will be cute, cuddly and irresistible. Unfortunately, thatís not the way puppies stay and behaviour that you regarded as adorable when your pup was tiny may not be so endearing when he or she is fully-grown. (Jumping up is good example.)

Almost all puppy owners make the same basic mistakes which left unchecked create serious long-term problems. Many of the owners attending our Puppy Foundation Course spend the first eight weeks undoing all the problems they unwittingly created.

Itís hard to get all the family singing from the same hymn sheet and even when they know they shouldnít kids and relatives do fool around with puppies causing all sorts of confusion in a young dogís mind.

In order to prevent this and get you and your puppy off to a good start weíve made a 30-minute DVD entitled Puppy Love. Itís not free but it will save you months of heartache.

Check it out.†