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 Overweight Dogs


I can understand why dog owners make mistakes in their training; itís a learning curve. I can even understand when they choose a dog totally unsuitable for their circumstances; all dogs look Ďcuteí when theyíre puppies but I really do get mad when I see huge overweight dogs.

There is no excuse for overfeeding and under exercising your dog. Itís the easiest thing in the world to keep a dog trim. You write down his ideal weight and weigh him once a month. If heís under weight you feed him more, if heís overweight you feed him less itís that simple. 

Heís not going to cheat and nip down to the chippie is he? His well-being is entirely down to you and the stakes are high. Large breeds are particularly prone to hip dysplasia which is extremely debilitating. Apart from careful breeding your dogís only protection from this painful condition is to stay in shape. 

Iíve owned a couple of dogís with hip dysplasia and by keeping them trim and giving them lots of swimming they both had long and relatively pain free lives. All I did was reduce the pressure on their joints by keeping them fit; it isnít rocket science.

Many owners of overweight dogs are in denial and refuse to acknowledge their dogís condition. Thereís no shame in admitting your mistakes and making amends.

If you want to show your dog how much you love him there is no better way.