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 Pulling on the Lead


The crowds were huge at this yearís Chatsworth Country Fair. I was weaving my way between the stands when I saw someone heading towards me with a pack of hounds.

There must have been a dozen dogs in the pack but they all fell in line behind their handler as he strode through the crowd. Now, if twelve dogs can walk perfectly to heel in such distracting circumstances why do so many pet dogs drag their owners around the streets? 

Pulling on the lead is one of the main reasons owners call me out. Itís no fun being dragged around by an excited dog but fortunately the solution is very simple.

All you need do is make up your mind that your dog will never walk another step in front of you and be consistent. If it takes twenty minutes to walk down your garden path you must not allow your dog to go in front.

If he surges ahead simply swing around 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction. When he catches you up turn around and try again.

If you are resolute your dog will soon learn heís going nowhere unless he walks beside you on a loose lead. Quickly these antics disappear when your dog learns you have an answer.