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 Puppy Rules


This Saturday all our puppies go home with their new owners. Weíre really going to miss them. Itís really important when adopting a new puppy or rescuing a dog that you set a routine.

House training is easy if you confine her living quarters so that she canít sneak off behind the sofa to relieve herself. Ideally use a dog crate as a bed and have a real set routine for toilet duty. Shift workers experience the most difficulty with this because of their work pattern but with a helper and some good planning itís easily overcome.

Puppies should never be allowed to nip. Teeth on skin is NOT allowed; neither is it acceptable for family members to tease or torment your puppy/dog.

Puppies need about 18-20 hours a sleep per day and deliberately waking them to Ďplayí is a sure way to have a bad tempered snappy dog.

No dog or puppy should ever sleep on your bed it sends all the wrong signals and will present dominance issues later.

Only ever praise your puppy when she is CALM and do all you can to encourage quiet submissive behaviour.

Set the rules for your new puppy (and the kids) from Day One and ENJOY.