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 Rehabilitating A Dog May Rehabilitate You


I’ve worked with a lot of difficult dogs recently; dogs with real issues and I’ve learned as much about myself as I have them them.

Rehabilitating an unbalanced dog is not easy but it is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. To help a dog with problems you must overcome some of your own.

If you have a quick temper you’ll have to manage it if you want to be of any use to an unbalanced dog. All dogs with issues are under stress so it’s vital to give your dog some of your confidence whether you have any or not. The dog will only recover his self-esteem when you find yours.

You cannot lie to a dog. He’ll see through it faster than a check out scanner. If you are nervous he’ll spot it in a flash and he’ll be nervous too. Whatever scares you will frighten him. To help him face his fears you must conquer yours.

Unlike humans, dogs will not follow an unbalanced leader so in rehabilitating a dog you will rehabilitate yourself. 

Animal shelters are crammed full of dogs crying out for help. Dogs with absolutely no training whatsoever in dealing with a world they don’t understand, frequently swamped with affection but deprived of direction.

These dogs are often returned several times before being put to sleep. They pay the ultimate price for our casual over-indulgence. 

Rehabilitating a troubled dog may be the most fulfilling thing you ever do.

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