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 Rescue Dogs need Leadership


When you adopt a rescue dog he won’t reveal his true personality until he settles. When he does chances are he’ll have some ‘issues.’ 

These can range from separation anxiety, nervousness, aggression, jumping up or refusal to come when called. In any event he’ll need your help to become a more ‘balanced’ individual.

The overwhelming human reaction is to swamp him with affection which will serve only to condone and encourage his unbalanced behaviour. Giving affection to an excited or anxious dog is a sure way to promote his instability.

What’s needed is calm, confident leadership. Setting house-rules, creating boundaries and letting him know you are in control will help immeasurably.
Dogs need three elements to find their natural balance: Leadership, Purpose and Care.

Most pet dogs get lots of care but very little else.

Take control, show him you are his leader, give him a job (retrieving, hunting for food, running alongside you, swimming).

When he’s calm and relaxed then you can show affection. 

That’s the way to be a true pack leader.