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 Retractable Leads


One of the most common complaints of dog owners is their dog’s constant pulling on the lead. More often than not the owners use a retractable lead without thinking just what message it sends to their dog.


If I can get them to view things through their dogs’ perspective they soon realise that the more it pulls; the more freedom it gets. No wonder their dogs won’t walk to heel; would you?


I use a retractable lead to teach puppies to retrieve but on walks I use a simple rope slip lead.


Being right handed I always walk my dog on my LEFT hand side so that I can pull him in towards me whenever necessary. I aim to create a comfort zone by my LEFT leg encouraging a young pup to walk alongside with titbits as I repeat the word ‘heal’. I confirm his actions with a ‘good boy’ and growl at him if he gets out of position. He must give me his full attention, no sniffing or peeing (we do that before we start).


As he begins to understand I dispense with the titbits and use my voice to encourage the correct behaviour. If he pulls I snap the lead and walk in the opposite direction. He soon learns that the most comfortable position to walk is against my LEFT leg.


Once you start heel work you cannot allow your dog to walk in any other position or you’ll confuse him. The only time he should stray from your side is when he is playing with YOU.