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 Separation Anxiety


I hate to see dogs stressed out by separation from their owner. Itís an unhealthy state that can easily be avoided.

Exposing a young puppy to periods without your company allows it to adjust and gives much needed respite from endless family attention. Providing dogs get leadership, work and care they are happy to have quiet solitary periods. 

Having a routine helps a dog know what to expect and prevents worry. If they understand the schedule theyíre unlikely to be concerned by regular periods of separation.

This is a condition made considerably worse by pampering far better to acclimatize your dog to short periods of isolation. Itís always wise to do this after some meaningful activity rather than leave a frustrated dog bursting with energy pining alone in the house. Thatís how destructive habits are formed.

Pampering, fussing and preventing your dog from coming to terms with her phobias does her no favours. So before you indulge ask whose benefit are you doing it forÖhers or yours?

If you want to help your dog become a well-adjusted happy individual you have to give her confidence not fuss her any time she feels nervous. Petting a stressed out dog encourages apprehension and condemns it to a life of anxiety.

Learn to show your affection by teaching your dog how to face and overcome her fears. That is true love in any language.