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 Train on an Empty Stomach


Iím amazed how many owners feed their dogs BEFORE exercise. We all know how sluggish we become after a meal and dogs are no different. Once full all their responses slow down, itís the way of nature. Left undisturbed they seek only to sleep although many pet dogs are not permitted that luxury being constantly on duty for family entertainment.

I often see owners trying to tempt their wandering dog back to them with a titbit minutes after the dogís been fed; it makes no sense at all. Watch any wildlife documentary to see just how lethargic even the most predatory animals become after feeding.

Trying to train your dog when he has a full stomach is futile and at worse is downright dangerous. A dog running around with a tummy full of food is at risk of twisting a gut, a condition that can be fatal. Thatís why they are inclined to sleep after eating-dogs are not stupid.

Go with Mother Nature train and exercise on an empty stomach when your dog is light, hungry and his responses are sharp. Feed him as soon as he returns home, give him a few minutes in the garden for toilet duty then let him sleep.

Heíll soon get into the rhythm and youíll have a much better chance of your dog actually listening to you. It isnít the cure for bad behaviour but it will ensure that any training you do has a much better chance of success.