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 What's in it For Your Dog ?


Petting a dog is very therapeutic; it lowers blood pressure, raises our spirits and boosts our immune system. Thatís why hospitals encourage therapy dogs to visit.

Dogs donít care if we are rich or poor whether we live in a mansion or a hovel they accept us as we are. They couldnít care less about our credit card debt or plunging investments it matters not one jot.

Your dog will love you whoever you are. You could be Jack the Ripper or David Beckham itís all the same to him.

Dogs do a great job fulfilling our needs but whatís in it for them? To find true balance dogs need Leadership, Work and Care and while most pet dogs are swamped with the latter they get very little mental stimulation and no leadership at all. Thatís why I treat so many nervous, excitable and aggressive dogs.

To find true leadership your dog must have boundaries, rules and limitations just as he would have in a pack. Without them he has no emotional security. 

Like people, all dogs need something to stimulate and challenge their mind and donít say my dog has no motivation Iíve never met a dog yet that didnít respond to a challenge. 

Give something back. Youíll be amazed how much happier your dog can be.