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 Working With Problem Dogs


Along with Channel M TV I visited Windyway Kennels this week where I worked with a number of rescue dogs all of whom had 'issues'.
Molly a young collie cross had big problems with other dogs but within 20 minutes she was walking happily by my side with one of my dogs right next to her.
Oscar a three-year-old golden retriever literally dragged his handler across the courtyard. It took less than 5 minutes to get Oscar to walk perfectly to heel on a loose lead.
Busta a wild 18-month-old Rottweiler behaved like a bucking bronco on the lead but once settled fell in beside me like he knew he should and trotted happily around the field. A few weeks of this and he’ll be ready to re home.
The cameraman said he couldn't believe how quickly these dogs switched their behaviour, which just goes to prove that with the correct help dogs are always ready to change.
The perennial question owners ask is 'How long will it take to change my dog?' My answer is always the same: "Your dog can change immediately but how long will it take to change YOU?'
Whatever your dogs problem you can be sure it's coming from you.
If you have the will to change YOUR habits your dog will gladly follow. It isn’t rocket science-anyone can do it. All you need is the correct information, consistency and a little dedication.

That’s why I always urge people not to give up on their dog. Whatever the problem YOU are the solution.